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Luxury Cat Furniture

Luxury Cat Furniture - Enhancing Your Home Decor

These luxury cat trees provide your cat a special place to fulfill their natural urge for high places and climbing. With their beautiful wood finishes, luxury cat trees also enhance your rooms decore. Available in a variety of finishes and styles, such as the one pictured, which also comes in a lower version much more like a perch. perfect for placing in front of your cats favorite window. There are also luxury cat trees designed for use in any corner of your home. To view the many styles of luxury cat trees available click the banner to the right.


Anyone who shares their life with a cat knows they are just as much a member of the family as our dogs. In many cases cats have become the little kings and queens of the family. In ancient times they were worshiped by royalty and to this day I believe they just might know it. We love our cats every bit as much as we do our dogs. So it's no wonder we look for ways to pamper them just as much.

Courious and independent. Living mainly indoors for their own protection. Our cats can become bored. Unlike our dogs which have the opportunity to join us on our walks cats are more confined to indoor living. Treating your cat to a luxury cat condo or luxury cat tree will help to keep them entertained and active.

The cat condos of today are no longer just round cylinders wrapped in carpet with a couple of cubbie holes to curl up in. They are now designed along the lines of a jungle-gym for your cat. Making the luxury cat condo an indoor playground for your cat. Providing cats the mental and physical stimulation needed to help keep them healthy and happy.

Choosing just the right condo for your cat depends on the area in your home you plan to place your cats new condo. Many of us have more than one cat in the family. When selecting a luxury cat condo keep in mind your cats may enjoy their own space. You may want to choose one with more than one enclosure and a play area large enough to accommodate more than one playful cat at a time. If your homes decor doesn't allow you the space for a large play area for your cat you may choose to treat them to a couple of small cat condos and place them in different areas of your home.

What ever you choose to do you'll find shopping for your cat's new luxury cat condo much like shopping for a new home. The size, colors and styles are almost endless. Choosing just the right luxury cat condo for your cat will for sure make your cat feel like the little king or queen they envision themselfs to be.

You can find the purr-fect luxury cat condo for you cat here.


You can enhance the decor of your home while treating your cat to an attractive and functional piece of luxury cat furniture. I'm sure most people would agree the least attractive yet necessary item cat owners have in their homes would be the cats litter box. The easiest way to hide your cat's litter box is now in plain sight! Luxury litter box enclosures come in a variaty of styles and finishes for any room in your home.

If you have more than one cat in your family you should have multiple litter boxes in your home. If your cats litter box is in a bedroom of your home consider enclosing it within a night stand. Creating a private enclosure for your cat and a functional piece of furniture for you. There are also bench style luxury litter box enclosures. A great addition to your rooms decor complete with a Tufted cushion on the bench seat for your cat to nap or enjoy the view if placed in front of a low window. They also come with drawers to store your cats toys and supplies.

If your home has limited space you can also enclose you cats litter box in the living area of your home. There are beautiful finished wood end tables built to enclose your cats litter box. A 3 tiered bookcase climber designed in a step pattern creates extra cubby holes and shelfs giving your cat another place to play and sleep. While enclosing the litter box they also povide you with additional storage behind their double doors. This bookcase would fit nicely along any window creating a special place for your cat to enjoy the view.

Maybe you prefer to have your cats litter box in your bathroom. You'll find enclosed litter box furniture designed especially for the bathroom. Complete with multi-tiered shelf space and stainless steel hardware.

A luxury litter box enclosure is a perfect solution to help keep your cats litter box concealed yet easily accessible to your cats. The only ones who'll know where the litter box is will be you and your cat.

You can find these luxury litter box enclosures and more here.


Cats love a nice warm and cozy spot to curl up and sleep. In their eyes your lap is probably the spot they crave the most. Knowing we can't always be there at their beckon call, providing them with a luxury cat bed that fits their personality would be the next best thing. A warm cozy bed that's sure to please.

With your cats personality in mind. Here are a few examples of luxury cat beds your cat may find purr-fect for his or her needs.

For the cat who prefers not to sleep on the floor the raised furniture style luxury pet bed would be perfect. This style pet bed also enhances your rooms decore. The round leather pet bed with it's luxury tufted sofa style cousion would be a nice addition to your living room. And for your bedroom you may find the four poster pet bed with it's comfortable fleece cushion just purr-fect for your little king or queen.

For the cat who enjoy staying warm and cozy snuggled up under the covers The Cozy Cave style pet bed gives your cat a place to stay tucked in and completly enclosed. Along these same lines are the hooded pet bed and the cabana style tent pet bed. All of these will offer your cat a warm and cozy place to snuggle up for a nap.

For the cat who loves ducking into a paper bag. The little sack cat bed offers your cat the same duck and cover fun plus a warm and cozy place to nap.

For the ultimate in softness and cushioned comfort for your cat. The puff ball or bean bag style pet beds are great for nesting and making a cozy space of their very own. There are many different frabrics choices and colors to choose from.

You can find these luxury cat beds and more here.


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